The history demonstrated us that new skills remain an asset for a future job. For example in 1871, 6.6% of the workforce of England and Wales were classified as Today that has fallen to 0.2%, a 95% decline in numbers. During the years, while some jobs have declined others have risen.

Health and Safety will remain a sector with a long life no matter of the industry. In a company, and safety mandatory because poor commitment to safety will lead to less production and at the end less profit. No one can work properly in a dangerous, stressful, violent, etc. environment. We all want to come back home safe at our family.

When new skills become in demand as fast as others become extinct, employability is less about what you already know and more about your capacity to learn.

Every change will come with new opportunities and the question still remains: Are you prepared for these opportunities? Are you taking the risk not to invest in your education and lose the upcoming challenges?

NEBOSH International General Certificate course is suitable for:

–   managers, supervisors, and all type of persons because it gives them the skills and know-how to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities in any kind of organization. No previous health and safety knowledge is required.

NEBOSH IGC October 2017:

  • Course Dates: 09 – 20 October with exam on 23rd October
  • Location: Bucharest/ Romania;
  • Discounts and Registrations valid no later than August 28th*
  • 2 persons Early Bird* Discount EUR 400/ person
  • 1 person Early Bird* Discount EUR 285/ person

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