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Benefits of the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in PSM

NEBOSH has joined forces with Great Britain’s Health and Safety Regulator, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), to develop the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management.

This process safety management qualification is the result of the unique collaboration which combines the advanced technical ‘high hazard’ expertise of HSE with NEBOSH’s ability to deliver strong vocational OSH qualifications.

This qualification is designed to equip delegates with a broad understanding of the accepted principles and recognised industrial practices for the management of process risk. This will ensure that they can recognise and contribute to the control of process safety hazards.

Employees Benefits

Knowledge – Whether health and safety is your main responsibility, or just a part of what you do, The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management is designed to provide a sound breadth of knowledge that will allow you to contribute to the effective management of process safety risks.

Enjoyment – You’ll discover techniques that are useful and practical in your industry, not just theoretical.

Recognition – The NEBOSH name is a mark of excellence in the field of health and safety throughout the world. It’s what employers ask for. This qualification is the result of a unique collaboration which combines the HSE with NEBOSH’s ability to deliver strong vocational OSH qualifications. HSE has led the way in risk-based regulation, underpinned by the fundamental principle of UK health and safety law – those who create risks are best placed to control them and should do so in a proportionate and practical way.

Career prospects – In a fast moving and constantly changing jobs market with technologies and work procedures always updating, having a qualification designed and assessed by NEBOSH and the HSE can help you stand out.

Company Benefits

A safer workplace – The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management is all about keeping people safe from injury and loss of life.

For employers this also means protecting valuable assets and avoiding prosecution, litigation and loss of reputation.

Assurance – An employer whose workers are NEBOSH qualified is an employer committed to process safety management.

The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management can help employers achieve international standards and can even help win new business.

Return on investment – worker with the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management has practical knowledge that brings real value, wherever they operate.



More information

Course Overview

This qualification is specifically designed for people with safety responsibility in any country who work in process industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals and all process industries. Given the hazardous nature of these industries, this qualification has been designed to give process safety knowledge and understanding to managers, supervisors and safety professionals to allow them to manage their process safety responsibilities.

On completion of the qualification, candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the accepted principles and recognized industrial practice for the management of process risk.
  • They will know how to identify the process safety hazards and the method of controls. All the learning outcomes from the course will help students to perform theirs’s health and safety responsibility in the process industry.

Registration with 6 weeks before course starts

Duration of the course: 4 days block release + 1 day examination

Syllabus Summary
  • Process Safety Leadership
  • Management of Process Risk
  • Process Safety Hazard Control
  • Fire and Explosion Protection
Please find complete details on Syllabus Guide and NEBOSH Learners Terms and Conditions here
Method of Study & Examination
The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management is studied in classroom. Approximately 20 hours private study is required.
The Course will be provided by our accredited lead tutor/ tutors, with study/revision/exam advice, links to relevant material, support details. You will also be provided with an authorized textbook that contains all relevant material for the course. There is one Unit (PSM1) to successfully complete before you become fully certified with the NEBOSH HSE Process Safety Management.
Candidates are assessed by a 90 minute multiple choice examination. The pass standard for the unit/qualification is 60% (24 correct questions out of 40).

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